Thursday, June 17, 2010

Art @ Willow's this month (June)

Will Kingery, owner of Willow's Bistro, invited me to hang 4 pieces of art this month at his new restaurant. I am honored to be a part of his new restaurant opening. The pieces are all for sale and at reasonable prices. Hopefully, a piece will sell because my car needs new brakes! Stop in and check out Willow's Bistro -which is opened for lunch and dinner.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simplyummy pics..

More pics...

I am back... ALAS!

ALAS! I am finally uploading pictures from the September's ArtFEST and from my show at Simply Yummy. It has truly been an off year for my personal art making. I have not created since December when I painted lamb pictures for family and a chair for W. I am scrounging for reasons for my lack of creativity other than moving into a new house (that was work from Jan and is still ongoing!), failed romance, and getting a new pup. Fortunately, I have a separate building for my studio in my backyard that has a workbench, bathroom, attic, sink and pot belly stove! My mom is helping me clean it out and get it ready this Saturday. It will be so nice to not be smelling oil based ink, constant vacuuming of wood shavings and wiping up inky footprints off the floor! I hope it will bring my creativity back. It has to because I have signed up to show my work at Cafe Roche this December.

Monday, September 28, 2009


It has been a long time since my last blog. I have been pretty preoccupied with preparing for the ARTSfest at Grace Court in the West End of Winston-Salem. The show was this past Saturday. My goal was to make 30 prints and the goal was met! I thought I was overshooting, but truly surprised myself. Had a great show, despite the rain. (It rained ALL day!) We had a steady crowd.

My parents helped me set up early that morning and then Maria came by shortly after them. She helped me finish setting up and finalized my pricing. I am thankful for her, Annie and Mary Peace for staying with me the duration of the day to keep me company and to keep me laughing. Had wonderful visits from family and friends, too! All in all, it was a great experience.

I did not do the floor cloths for this show, but hope to do them in the future. I did have 7 framed pieces and 23 wrapped prints. It was mostly the prints that sold.

I want to send a big shout out and thank you to Craig at Frame it on Robinhood -who did all my wonderful framing and at short notice. He does a superb job... always! And, of course, my wonderful Mom, who ran errands for me and found the fabulous art stands to display my framed prints. Thank you THANK YOU!

Pictures of the event are soon to follow as soon as I get them downloaded.

Mark your calendars: I will be showing at Simply Yummy in January + February of 2010!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gracious friends...

A good friend of mine, Prissy, donated a roll of floor cloth for me to try to print on. There is a process to treating it, but once treated- the cloth makes an ideal floor decoration. All you have to do is wipe it down to clean! The beauty of this gift, if my prints take to it, is that it will serve as an alternative to my framed prints. Thus, it will save me money! Time to carve carve carve...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Future Compare + Contrast: Mock booth shot + more frame info

This is a picture of my potential booth at ArtsFest. It was a judged entry to get in and we had to take a mock booth picture. It will be interesting to see the comparison of the real booth. It took Kathleen and I several hours to get this assembled and photographed. (We had to recruit a man walking down the street to help us pop the tent!) I am very grateful for her time.
This morning, my neighbors, Sally and Kathleen, were out in front of my building and called me over to tell me some more suggestions on how to do low-cost framing. Sally even suggested finding a framing class and asking if any of the students would like to practice by framing my art. :) Sally further mentioned that she had some large frames that I could use. Thank you Sally!
The support and generosity of my mom and my neighbors makes me feel even more positive about this experience.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What a find! ...illustrated with a cryptic photo

Breaking from carving (and reading), I met D for some eggs and coffee and was remarking how stressed I was with how I would be able to pay for all my framing for the Sept. show. I am also uncertain where I will find the fixtures for hanging my art. We had the bright idea of riding over to Habitat Restore and that is where I found frame molding! Lots and lots of frame molding for 6 dollars a piece! (I have to credit my landlord, Kathleen, for tipping me off on this golden idea!) And, to my surprise, the moldings are similar to the style I have used in the past- give or take a few experimental pieces.

Oh! And D, has this determination to either make or find the fixture that would be used to hold my prints at the show. She has discussed different plans of building it with me and a nice gentleman at Lowe's as well as looked at various items at H Re that could be converted (i.e. a piece of furniture designed to hold quilts.) She can be pretty crafty.
The picture is not an extension of my creativity, but merely a window to my recent economic restraints. My camera is old and has lazy eye lids that don't always open when you turn the camera on. You have to adjusts the shutter manually. I just don't always remember to do it.

Hope all is having a beautiful day!